C01 Child's Diary Entry with Drawing

On October 1943 the 9 years old Bruna Cases fled with her family to Switzerland, where they stayed in a refugee camp between 1943-1944. While in the camp, Cases kept a diary in which she discribes her experiences
After the war the Cases’s family returned to Italy. The diary entry describes how they crossed the border into Switzerland. The text reads, "We came out of the woods and into a clearing: we had to be as quiet as possible because we were so close to the border. Oh! I almost forgot! Before we came out of the woods, they made us stand still for a quarter of an hour while they went to explore the area and to cut through the fence. Fortunately, shortly thereafter, we began to walk again. We saw a small guard station that was literally in front of the hole in the fence, fortunately the guard was not there. One by one, silently, we went through the hole in the fence. What emotion! Finally, we were in free territory, in Switzerland."