E04 Romanian Orders for the Massacre of Jewish Refugees in Odessa

Romanian Orders for the Massacre of Jewish Refugees in Odessa: Marshal Ion Antonescu Orders the Massacre of Jewish Refugees in Odessa, according to Telegram No. 563 from Colonel Radu Davidescu of the War Cabinet to General Nicolae Macici, General Nicolae Tătăranu’s replacement in Odessa, October 24, 1941.
Correspondence on the transmission and secrecy of Antonescu’s Order of October 24, 1941: Encryption expert at the War Cabinet orders his colleague at the Tenth Infantry Division to burn Telegram No. 563 after use; Tenth Infantry Division confirms to Fourth Army headquarters that General Nicolae Macici in Odessa has received the message; and General Nicolae Tătăranu in Tighina is notified by the deputy Chief of Staff. Sources: AMR, Amata al IV-a/870, folios 688-691 copy at USHMM archives, RG-25.003, reel 12A and reel 12 B Provision of images of this source was assisted by Neil Guthrie and Radu Ioanid.





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